About Us
Thai Rights Now is an independent, international organization that works as part of the worldwide human rights movement to support and endorse human dignity focusing on freedom of opinion and expression for all people regardless of religion, sexual orientation, age, or ethnicity. Our work follows principles and guidelines on international human rights and respects international humanitarian law.
Our organization was specifically created to promote the rights of Thailand's embattled activists and citizens fighting for democracy, civil and political rights, and equality for all. We work to provide coverage and visibility of the issues on several social media platforms.
Our Mission
The mission of Thai Rights Now is to defend the rights of all people; to educate people to recognize and understand their basic rights; to defend against unjust laws; to pressure those in power to respect the rights and equality among all people; to investigate injustice and bring the truth to light worldwide. We prioritize our focus on civil and political rights crises in Thailand.
To fulfill its mission,
Thai Rights Now will…
Bring to light the truth of human rights crises in Thailand through news and social media;
  • Investigate and address the most urgent civil and political rights violations, especially those involving immediate danger and life-threatening situations;
  • Prioritize those who are at risk and have limited resources;
Reach out to the United Nations, social movement allies, organizations, and others to raise awareness and ensure that no victim goes unnoticed
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